7 best premium smartphones of 2017

With the year almost over and all of 2017 premium racehorses in position, it’s time to take stock of what’s available to us so far. Just in time, too, since the holiday, and therefore shopping, season is upon us. Not everyone can be winners, and, let’s face it, we probably don’t want them to be. Sooner or later, choices have to be made. Picking out a new smartphone, especially when you’re playing for both teams, can be a pretty daunting quest. Since no one size fits all, and no smartphone can be perfect for everything and everyone, we’ve tried to present this year’s top models along different use cases and needs.

Best in productivity: Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Galaxy Note series has always been made for productivity. Although Samsung’s direction has changed a bit, throwing away large or removable batteries, the spirit has remained mostly the same. A large, Infinity Display bezel-less screen, 6 GB of RAM, and an S Pen all contribute to making the Galaxy Note 8 a beast of burden.

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