5 ways Galaxy Note 8 could make you ditch iPhone 8 and Pixel 2

There’s a whole lot of conjecture out there this week about the Galaxy Note 8, this supposed iPhone 8 killer Samsung’s rolling out next. Of course we wont have any completely official details until Samsung holds their big event for the device, as per usual – and the same is true of the iPhone 8, the Google Pixel 2, and every other oncoming smartphone. But based on what’s come before, industry trends, and the usually-accurate insider sources we’re referencing, we can do a downright fair assessment of what’s about to happen in the battle for ultimate second-half of 2017 smartphone boss.

1. By actually having a Headphone Jack

If the latest renders of the Pixel 2 are true, we’re looking at another casualty of Apple’s decision to remove the headphone jack from their iPhone lineup. That means Bluetooth audio or USB-C audio for the masses, while the Galaxy Note 8 continues to tow the line for those cord-loving headphone users out in the wild.

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