Pros and Cons Of Designing Your Bike On Your Own

Have you been wondering whether you should design your own bike or simply go out and buy a new one?

Honestly, both the options are great. The point is what appeases you the most.

For example, you can either go out and buy a Triumph Thruxton RX or convert your old Yamaha into the cafe racer of your dreams.

And both the routes will have their respective pros and cons. In this post, we are talking about the pros and cons of doing it yourself.

Benefits of Designing Your Own Bike

1. Unmatchable Freedom

When you buy a new bike, it may become a major part of your world. However, when you go on to design your own bike and build it up, the world becomes the source of your ideas.

This means that now you have all the freedom to design a bike that has never been designed before. Or maybe modify an already existing design to make it even better.

The point is that you can do anything with your new bike design. The only thing that you must ensure is that it isn’t impractical and is safe to ride.

2. It Saves Money

As the conventional ideas about manufacturing go, some of us may know how designing and building a bike on your own can cost way less than what it would, if it was built by a big brand or even at a custom-shop.

That’s another reason why it’s a good idea to design your bike on your own. Anyone who wants to save some money but wants a new bike as well can take the DIY route.

Also, saving money on design may enable you to increase the budget for buying the best quality spare parts and accessories.

3. You Will Have a Mechanic By Yourself At All Hours

Once you design and/or build your bike you will have enough confidence to tackle a large number of issues that may crop up in your self-built bike.

This means that no matter where you go or where you are stuck, you will have a mechanic by your side. So, you can make minor repairs. Fix several problems and make the bike go vrooming and running again.

This basic knowledge for your bike will act more like first aid for a living being. You may not be eligible for conducting an entire operation but will have the skill to make do until professional help arrives.

Disadvantages of Designing Your Own Bike

1. It May Take a Lot Of Time

Well, if you are new to bike designing and building, it may take you several hits and trials to bring the machine together.

As a result, you may require way more time than you might have planned.

So, be prepared for this.

2. You May Feel Like Giving Up

This will leave you and your bike hanging in the middle. Now you may neither have your old working bike or your new dream machine that you were working on.

3. Too Many Failed Tries Can Exceed The Budget

Here comes another problem associated with designing and building bikes. If you fail too many times, you may exceed your budget to a point where you may feel like you can’t invest more.

This will also halt your project’s progress and leave you demotivated at the same time.

Wrapping Up

The idea of designing and/or building your own bike is surely exciting. It can give you the chance to turn your dream into reality. However, it also comes with several cons, just like anything else in the world.

So, in this post, we talked about three pros and three cons of designing and building your own bike. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this and found it useful.

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