A Beginner’s Guide: How to Prepare for a Motorcycle Camping Trip?

Motorcycle riding is more than just a hobby, it has become a lifestyle and is adopted by hundreds of people daily. Many people struggle to get their dream bike and many do not put themselves out of their busy routine, to enjoy the ride of it. 

However, riding a motorcycle has a lot of advantages but to take that you need to put some time out of your busy routine and go for a ride often. 

So, if you have successfully made time out of your hectic routine, let’s get you prepared for your motorcycle trip and make it adventurous for you. In this beginner’s guide for a motorcycle camping trip, we’ll help you with our riding experience.  

Find the Best Motorcycle Camping Destinations

Finding the best motorcycle destination has become so easy with the development of technology.  There are multiple apps available that you can install on your mobile phone and can get all the details regarding that place. 

Doing your research is another option. You might’ve heard of your uncle about some aesthetic motorcycle camping destination, search for it. Start your riding experience from there. Binna Burra Campground, Nullarbor, Louisiana Auntie are some of the best camping destinations for a motorcycle trip.  

It’s okay if you do not take off from work for so long. Choose the nearest destination and ride there. The aesthetic essence of nature and riding across the meadows and mountains will freshen up your mind and soul.  

Preparing for a Motorcycle Camping Trip

Some important things need to be done before leaving for a motorcycle camping trip. Most camping sites are well established and have almost all the things that you would need out there. But that doesn’t follow the real meaning of a motorcycle camping trip. 

On a motorcycle camping trip, you have to do everything with your bare hands. You are totally on your own there under the light of the starry sky. To perform everything on your own, you’ll need all the essentials and stuff like eatables and sleeping bags or tents, utensils, and many other things. 

But, unfortunately, you can’t take all these things along. There is a saying among riders, “ride light, ride safe.” This means you have to act smart instead of taking all the things along. So, that brings the question of how to prepare the luggage bags.


The best food is cooked over a fire, they say. But you can’t carry a gas cylinder or stove to your camping destination. Then what to do? Being a motorcyclist, you should be aware of everything and every possibility. 

There are a lot of options available in the market to meet your needs. You can get a backpacking stove, they are small and lightweight and don’t take too much space. 

Coming at the utensils, do not take too much. A cup or a pan is enough to carry in cookware. However, if you find space in your bags you can carry something else of your need as well. 

Prepare the Luggage Bags

First of all, you need to choose the best quality motorcycle luggage bags that help carry all the essentials on your trip. Motorcycle saddlebags and tank bags are kind of spacious and trustworthy that can carry all the things you need to take along. However, carry the best quality backpack to organize small objects like keys, documents, gloves, and mobile phones. 

Choosing the best luggage bag options is not only a minimal task. Packing and balancing them is a real task. Make sure to settle down big and heavy things at the bottom of your bags. Moreover, make sure the weight of both the saddlebags is equal so that your motorcycle won’t create any hurdle and don’t go off balance. 

Pack some clothes in your luggage to change at night times. Sleeping in wet clothes and wet boots can have a really bad effect on your health. 


Choosing a tent depends on different factors, comfortability, best quality, spaciousness enough, etc. There are multiple options available in the market, you can choose according to your likings. Moreover, if you are riding with a partner make sure the tent would be spacious enough for the two of you. Pick a backpacking tent, they are foldable and can easily adjust in your luggage bags without taking much space.  

Sleeping Bags:

Sleeping bags are also essential to bring on a motorcycle camp. You can pick one according to your choice from the market. Always keep in mind, invest in something which has good quality. Things with heavy price tags are not necessarily of the best quality.  

Prepare Your Bike 

You might be thinking, about how to prepare your bike. Never overlook the importance of the maintenance of your bike. You can get stuck in the middle of nowhere just because you didn’t consider checking the engine oil level in your bike. 

What else to consider?

If your bike hasn’t been ridden in a while, it would be great if you take a short ride of your bike before leaving for the campground. Doing this will help you evaluate if your bike needs any maintenance and alterations. 

Check the air pressure in tires using an air pressure monitor. 

  • Replace old and worn tires.
  • Check the clutch and brake cables.
  • Ensure all the lights are clean and in good condition. 
  • Check the oil and fluids levels at their proper level.
  • Ensure the chassis is in good condition, not rusted or cracked. 
  • Ensure the motorcycle stand is in good condition.

Prepare for Unfortunate and Bad Events 

Riding a motorcycle through the beautiful and scenic roads and highways is an adventurous experience and provides immense pleasure. But sometimes, bad events happen for good. Make sure, you are one step ahead of the problem and already prepared to handle the unfortunate situation. 

First of all, wearing proper motorcycle riding gear like motorcycle jackets and shoes, etc. Moreover, always carry all the essential documents like identity cards, motorcycle license, driving license, and insurance papers, in your backpack to settle out the unfortunate events.

However, don’t forget to bring an immigration license or passport if you are finding your way across the border. 


From making the mind of going on a motorcycle trip to the packing of luggage bags, there is a complete process that a rider needs to follow. Doing that makes your ride unstoppable and adventurous. Have a safe journey, enjoy your ride.