The long-awaited mega cruiser from BMW is here. Inspired by the classic R 5 from the 1930s, the 2021 BMW R 18 looks ready for profiling and performance. Let’s dig right in.

1. The all-new Big Boxer motor displaces 1802cc and uses pushrods. There are four valves in each head and one cam per cylinder, with separate pushrods for the intake and exhaust valves. Fork rocker arms act on the valves. The intake valves are 41.2mm in diameter with the exhaust measuring 35mm, with a screw and locknut design for adjustment. It’s a big bore, with 107.1mm cast-aluminum pistons, plus a 100mm stroke through the Nikasil-lined cylinder. The motor weighs 244 pounds, but we don’t have a weight for the entire motorcycle.

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