2020 Honda Rebel 500 ABS First Ride Review

Our pal Chrissy Rogers was excited and jumped at the chance to get her riding permit last year at Honda’s rider training center, but slightly bummed to learn that she’d been assigned a PCX150 scooter when the fateful training weekend came. It only made sense, as that’s what we were “testing” at the time. She was jealous of all the other students, mostly all on Rebel 300s. A large dog could learn to ride the full-auto PCX in about a minute, if it had thumbs, and Chrissy had really wanted to learn to use a clutch and shift gears.

More pointedly, the whole first day of the MSF course consists mostly of paddling your motorcycle around at walking speed, and for 5-foot-zero Christine, that would’ve been far easier from the 27.2-inch seat of the Rebel than from sliding on and off the 30.1-in one of the PCX. There was a chafing issue, best not mentioned again.

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