2019 Vespa Elettrica and 2020 GTS 300 HPE Review: Scoot Over Milan

The American alligator is a fascinating creature. Biologists estimate that the toothy-grinned animal has existed on this hunk of rock we call Earth for roughly 245 million years. In that time, the endearing reptile has resisted the beck and call of evolution, toughing it out with its current quaint charm in approximately eight million revolutions around the sun. It has evolved, but not in a little while.

For the sake of context, humans started appearing in the Middle Paleolithic era or, for those that don’t remember the most exciting parts of elementary school, about 200,000 years ago. In the modern era, the alligator is as strong as it ever was and, perhaps, it just doesn’t need to evolve beyond what it is now—a somewhat comical looking apex predator.

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