The Best Battle Royale Games for Mobile

The action-oriented mobile gaming genre of battle royale games has become extremely popular in recent years. These multi-player games are quite exciting. In order to win, the player has to stick around until everyone else on the field is defeated. Players, therefore, need to come up with interesting strategies to compete with the other players.

Battle royale games have a simple winning strategy: you essentially need to survive till the end, over performing all other players. However, the large number of dedicated fans means that you need to perfect your skills in order to be victorious. While all games in this genre have similar rules, each title comes loaded with a unique set of features and challenges.

Here’s our pick of the best and more exciting battle royale games around at the moment.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG has been one of the biggest names in mobile gaming ever since developers launched this fantastic game for mobile users. Amazing graphics, a set of powerful weapons, tricky challenges, and an engaging battleground make PUBG a perfect option for action-oriented game fans. Recently, the developers have added an amusement park area to mark the two-year anniversary of the game.

Whether you play it alone or with a group of friends, PUBG never disappoints. The game is available on both Android and iPhone. If you want the best experience, find a game-specific smartphone from the latest iPhone deals and enjoy an uninterrupted mobile gaming session.


If you call yourself a mobile gaming fan, you’ve probably tried Fortnite at some time or another. Even those who have never tried video games have heard about Fortnite: that’s how popular this battle royale game is. In fact, Fortnite happens to be one of the first royale battle games that made this genre popular among video gaming buffs.

You only need two qualities to win this game. One, you have to be a quick-builder. Two, you need to learn the art of collecting and using weapons properly. Master these two skills and you will enjoy many wins over your opponents!

Call of Duty

Despite being a relatively new entrant on the gaming scene, Call of Duty has gained immense popularity over the past few years. With a large number of fans worldwide, this mobile gaming app has even outdone PUBG. One interesting quality that sets CoD apart from typical battle royale games is its consistency in graphics and fast-paced action.

Call of Duty offers you the same experience on mobile as the desktop version. The battle of 100 people fighting for their lives just to stand their ground till the end is beyond amazing. Shoot your enemies with your favourite weapon, get on the vehicle and run over them, and drop a grenade – the possibilities are endless!

Creative Destruction

Creative destruction is a popular Fortnite alternative. If you are interested in the battle royale genre but don’t want to be a part of the Fortnite mobile game, then Creative Destruction is your best option. Each player jumps from a vehicle on a barren island with a collection of buildings. This multi-player mobile game can be played solo or in a group. Either way, it gives each player access to outrageous weapons.

Despite being a violent game, Creative Destruction’s cool interface and fun graphics make it one of the best royale battle games out there. Developers keep adding exciting features and new content to boost user experience and engagement, making Creative Destruction a perfect title for fast-paced, shooting game lovers.


Compared to other battle royale games on this list, OVERDOX has a smaller battle arena with just 12 gladiators that fight with each other. Only one player can emerge as the winner. The game features Melee weapons and a small map since only 12 players are involved in the battle. The game is not as violent as Fortnite or Call of Duty, but it does involve fighting in the arena for survival. How you defeat the other 11 gladiators is up to you.

Each player needs to grab coins in each round to make it to the final. The developers have added several customization options and a plethora of characters. Pick your favourite character and enter the battlefield with 11 fighters. The more rounds you win, the more coins you earn and you can spend your hard-earned money on character customization.

Cyber Hunter

Fantastic graphics, exciting weapons, and unique features make Cyber Hunter a perfect mobile game for experienced gamers. The developer has added an interesting fun element to this game: “Parkour”. You can climb up the wall, jump off a building, roll around, and more. Initially, this game can be a bit overwhelming with all the shooting going on in the field. Don’t get distracted, however: you just have to focus on surviving. Now that these games are available on smartphones, people can’t help but spend their time competing with other players. Team up with your buddies and support each other until the game ends, or go solo for a momentous victory on your own!

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