Will my PC get Windows 10? How to reserve Windows 10 and how to get it

Some Windows computers are already nagging users to upgrade to Windows 10, while others haven’t made so much as a peep about it. Here we’ll explain which versions of Windows are eligible for the free update and which aren’t. Plus, we’ll outline the system requirements so you can tell if your PC or laptop is powerful enough to run Windows 10 (it most likely will be).

How to reserve Windows 10

If your PC or laptop is running one of the qualifying versions of Windows below, you’ll be able to reserve your copy of Windows 10 ahead of its launch. What does this mean, we hear you ask? Put simply, Windows 10 will be downloaded in the days (possibly weeks) before 29 July so that you’re guaranteed to be able to update on that day. There won’t be any overloaded servers, nor delays in downloading and upgrading. The download is 3GB.

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