Surface Book 2 Review (15-inch): The MacBook Pro eater

If you were crafting a recipe for the perfect performance notebook, the Surface Book 2 15-inch wouldn’t be a bad place to start. Microsoft’s move to “lead by example” in Windows 10 laptops still wows, with its detachable screen and crisp, premium hardware, even two years after its original debut. Still, for all its battery life and design cred, the Surface Book wasn’t perfect. Embracing USB-C, a larger 15-inch screen, and some of the beefiest specifications this side of a gaming PC, the Surface Book 2 sets out to give Apple some nightmares.

Microsoft hasn’t strayed far from its original design, even with this new, larger model. In fact at first glance you could easily mistake the Surface Book 2 for its predecessor. Brushed metal, that distinctive hinge which looks like a caterpillar coiling, and a general weightiness that, in 15-inch form at least, edges into just outright heft.

Indeed, at 4.2 pounds, the Surface Book 2 15-inch is almost 0.2 pounds heavier than a 15-inch MacBook Pro, and more than 0.8 pounds more than the entry-level, 13-inch Surface Book 2.

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