MacBook Pro vs. Surface Book : How 2016’s Models Compare

Apple and Microsoft revealed their latest visions for notebook computing, giving users a real choice for how they interact with their devices. While both offer similar specs, they primarily differentiate in how you use touch. Microsoft is focusing on touch and pen-based input right on the screen, while Apple is making smaller, but potentially just as important, tweaks to its established input methods.

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MacBook Pros and Surface Books both sport 6th Gen Core i5 and i7 processors, so neither really takes the lead in terms of performance. The Surface Book with Performance Base offers both Intel HD graphics and Nvidia GTX 965M graphics. The 13-inch MacBook Pro has integrated Intel Iris for 2D games, while the 15-inch steps up to Radeon Pro for 3D titles.

We’d put our money on the 15-inch Pro’s Radeon GPU as the winner, with the Surface Book with Performance Base coming in close behind and the 13-inch Pro bringing up the rear.

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