Intel NUC 7 Home Unboxing, Hands-on Review : First Impressions

Desktop PC’s are often thought of as large hunks that take up a bunch of space, but with the amount of AiO’s and small-form-factor PC’s there are right now, that doesn’t have to be the case. Intel’s NUC line of tiny PC’s isn’t new. They’ve been around since the Sandy Bridge generation of Intel processors, which to some people, was a long time ago.

Today, we’ll be checking out the Intel NUC 7 Home, a sweet spot NUC that on paper, is perfect for simple home, office, and school use. But first, let’s see what’s inside the box.

Aside from the NUC itself, you get the power adapter, VESA mounting hardware so that you can stick it behind your monitor and be done with it, and of course, the documentation.

Moving on to the NUC, the overall design is decent but misses a huge opportunity due to one flaw. It’s nice and compact with a good amount of air vents, a nice selection of ports, and has a solid feel thanks to its aluminum chassis. The aluminum has a very nice color and texture to it, but the NUC does not look premium overall due to the shiny plastic top cover. It is a huge dust and fingerprint magnet and gives the computer a cheap look.

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