HP Omen 17 Review

Gaming laptops have little reason to envy their desktop counterparts anymore, and the HP Omen 17 ($1,299 starting, $1,799 as reviewed) shows why. This beastly notebook’s Nvidia GTX 1070 graphics card and Intel Core i7 processor allow it to handle gorgeous-looking PC games and virtual reality with equal aplomb, and it looks great to boot. If you can live with some heat and fan noise, the Omen 17 is one of the best values for enjoying compromise-free gaming on the go.


The new HP Omen has a big and bold design that ditches the slim look of its predecessors in favor of more powerful guts. Still, the same signature Omen aesthetic is there: You’ve got a red-backlit keyboard, a slick-looking charcoal paint job and a smooth lid that sports HP’s trademark, butterfly-esque Omen logo. The laptop’s plastic build might turn off those hoping for metal, but the notebook still feels sturdy and substantial.

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