Asus R510J gaming laptop review

There aren’t too many options in gaming laptops in India, and many that exist have some pretty mediocre configurations at exorbitant prices. The R510J does have some really good specs, but considering Asus classifies it as a gaming laptop, the Nvidia 950M GPU option seems a bit mediocre. But that said, there’s still a lot going for it, as we figured out during the review process.


Design and Build

Clearly aimed to be a desktop replacement, the Asus R510J isn’t small by any means. The 15.6-inch widescreen display gives the notebook big enough dimensions to fit in a full-sized keyboard along with the numerical keypad, a big enough trackpad and ample wrist support. Portability is not one of its intended plus points, so things have not been optimised to especially fit in backpacks. That’s a good thing considering that the laptop provides you with a good number of connectivity options and even a DVD-RW drive, which is a rare sight these days.

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