Xiaomi Mi Headphone review: Looks quality, but not so much review

Xiaomi has been known for making quality products at affordable pricing which attracted hordes of Indian consumers toward its side, who call themselves Mi fans. Moving beyond phones, Xiaomi offers slew of other products like audio accessories and pretty soon they’ll have water purifiers, Wi-Fi router selling in the country as well but for now we’ll talk about Mi Headphones.


Priced at Rs 5,499 Xiaomi is now engaging with consumers with taste for quality music and rivaling brands like JBL, Sennheiser and Sony among others. We loved the quality of Mi Pistons (still do) and much is expected from Mi headphones as well but for Rs 5,499 we’re moving away from Xiaomi’s biggest attraction, price factor. It will take something extraordinary for people to buy a Xiaomi audio product when you have established names carrying their sense of goodwill over the years.

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