Palicomp i3 Aurora review

Palicomp knows how to build a dependable, budget-friendly gaming PC; its £500/$750 AMD Shockwave rig was a bargain when it released late last year, and remains so today. The new i3 Aurora, named for both its processor and its swirling vinyl decorations, is a bit of a pricier proposition, but still remains in reach of entry-level buyers.

It’s certainly a lot more eye-catching than most budget PCs. The vinyl design wraps around the front, sides and top of the case, forming near-unbroken swooshes of red (blue or green options can be chosen instead, for the same price) over all of the visible panels. Some may think this garish, but honestly, it’s no more brash than the light show of LEDs that adorn certain higher-end cases. The decals are well-applied, too – I couldn’t find any air bubbles or loose corners.

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