MSI Trident V3 Arctic review: Looks like a console, runs like a high-end desktop

If only this had been around for all our ’90s LAN parties

The MSI Trident V3 is quiet, easily upgraded, and packs a GTX 1070 inside a chassis the size of the Xbox One X. Pretty incredible.

Smaller form-factor PCs typically go one of two ways: First, you can prioritize the small part of the equation. This leaves you with something beautifully tiny, but at the cost of future upgrades—space-saving comes with the caveat of proprietary and non-replaceable parts. (See: Alienware Alpha.) Or you can prioritize future upgrades, which typically means a larger and less aesthetically pleasing machine.

The MSI Trident V3 is the rare machine that can do both—at least to some extent.

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