Lenovo Y520T review: A gaming PC your wallet will thank you for

For the price, and for what you’re getting, your wallet will thank you — even if you have to spend a little extra on a keyboard and mouse.

About two years or so ago, I decided to jump back into the foray of building my own gaming PC. It was equal parts wanting to get back into PC gaming, and equal parts seeing if I remembered how to do it. After a few bumps in the road, I did manage to get a fairly functional PC put together. Another reason I went with a custom-built PC was that it was — after doing the math — a lot easier on the wallet.

Fast forward two years and my PC is still going strong. Regardless, in that time, Lenovo has crashed onto the gaming scene. However, rather than spending a pretty penny on a gaming PC, Lenovo seems to understand that there are those who are on a budget but still want to enjoy PC gaming. As such, Lenovo has released a series of budget-friendly gaming PCs to the masses.

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