Kingston KC600 Review: Simple Solution To Make Your Old Laptop Faster

A simple drive upgrade will make all the difference

If you find that your old laptop is lagging and can’t stand how absolutely slow it is when it comes to simple tasks like browsing and productivity duties and can’t afford to replace it yet, a simple SSD swap with a 2.5-inch SSD drive like the Kingston KC600 will do wonders.

The KC600 is an appealing drive not just for PC builders but for folks who want to swap their old, slow HDDs in their laptops for a speedier drive that has built-in hardware encryption as well as extended reliability, important if you need your old daily driver to last for a little bit longer till you get funds together for a proper upgrade.

Slim size allows it to fit in most notebooks

Unlike the relatively thick RGB-enabled T-Force Delta Max RGB, the Kingston KC600 is a 2.5-inch SSD that’s meant to go on both desktop and laptops. The bare drive came to us in a blister pack much like Kington’s A2000 NVMe, though it’s also available in a desktop/notebook upgrade kit.

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