How to switch from Twitter to Mastodon and use it on iOS, Android and more

Switching to Mastodon from Twitter may seem a little daunting at first because the two platforms work in very different ways. But from spending just a little time with Mastodon, you’ll quickly discover an exciting new home, populated with many of the people you know from Twitter, and less of the drama.A few on TechRadar have already registered their accounts and enjoying their time on some servers, especially with some new apps that have emerged due to Twitter banning

Mastodon is similar to Twitter in many ways, but there are also ways in which it differs. One of the biggest differences is the fact that rather than having one central controlling server through which users access the service, Mastodon is decentralized.This means that there are a large number of independently run servers, often with a theme or topic that draws particular users. You can find a sizable list of servers by visiting the Mastodon site (opens in new tab) and clicking Create account. You can then browse through various categories and find a server that interests you – one of the biggest is (opens in new tab). 2. Create a Mastodon

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