Hands on: Workstation Specialists WS-M151 review

The mobile workstation market has evolved significantly over the last decade as computer parts have become more commoditised and consumer components turned out to be as powerful and feature-laden as their professional counterparts.

This explains why the likes of SGI, DEC and Sun Microsystems faltered and eventually disappeared completely. It also explains recent developments in this market: unless you are Lenovo, Dell or HP, there’s next-to-no-chance that you can develop a true mobile workstation from scratch.


Instead, what is becoming increasingly common is that one base unit (commonly known as the chassis) is given a dual personality. A gaming laptop can transform into a workstation simply by swapping the graphics subsystem and beefing up the support and aftersales.

This is what MSI has successfully done; others such as Schenker, Overclockers, Novatech, Scan and PC Specialist have used products from a massive Taiwanese laptop vendor called Clevo. In the US, Sager, AVADirect and Cyberpower are some of the better known companies that use Clevo’s kit.

Workstation Specialists, whose WS-M151 workstation we’re checking out today, doesn’t even try to hide the fact that it doesn’t actually build the workstation.

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