Hands on: Chuwi LapBook review

The recent months have seen several laptops that get their inspiration from Apple’s iconic MacBook range. The Jumper EZBook 2 looks like a 13-inch MacBook Air while the Xiaomi Air 12 borrows heavily from the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro.

Chinese vendor Chuwi follows that trend with the LapBook, a notebook that sharply differs from the competition in physical terms. Firstly, it adopts a white finish throughout (except for the screen bezel and the keyboard), then there’s the fact that it uses a 15.6-inch display, and finally, it is one of the very few devices to use a 5V adaptor, the same as your smartphone or tablet.

Indeed we’ve successfully managed to power it using a standard charger, although sadly, Chuwi engineers opted for a proprietary connector rather than the ubiquitous microUSB port. There are two models of the LapBook available with the only difference being the processor and the price.

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