GPD Pocket Ubuntu Editon Review

Netbooks are often ridiculed as a solution looking for a problem but they are also regarded as the ancestors of present day Chromebooks and “cloudbooks”. With the resurgence of these more modern but still low-performance devices, it might seem that the netbook is due for a revival as well. Or so that seems to be the proposition GPD makes with its almost literal Pocket computer. But does that make more sense now than it did before, especially in an age of powerful smartphones? We take the Ubuntu Edition of the GPD Pocket for a good and thorough testing to find out.

Crowdfunding Drama

Unlike the netbooks that broke into the scene a few years back, the GPD Pocket didn’t arrive as a finished product. Like the GPD WIN before it, the Pocket is a product of crowdfunding, and a very successful one at that. GPD pitched the Pocket as its response to backers of the Windows-based, gaming-centric GPD WIN who appreciated the device’s small form factor but wanted a better typing experience than what the clamshell’s thumb keyboard offers. GPD was only too happy to oblige with a slightly larger screen and a larger keyboard. Whether it was able to deliver a better typing experience is, however, debatable.

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