ASUS ZX53VW-AH58 Gaming Laptop Review

With its strong build, snappy SSD storage and full HD display, the ASUS ZX53VW-AH58 is one of those excellent entry-level gaming laptops you can have for much less than the competition, but still delivers top-notch performance on both gaming and general use than you’d expect.

Sometimes getting a gaming laptop that offers solid performance at a very reasonable price is never easy, but theASUS ZX53VW-AH58, and a few others, do come with impressive features affordably. This system is powerful enough to provide a smooth gaming experience on all but the highest settings with its full HD display and discrete NVidia GeForce GTX 960M graphics card, and when not playing, it can efficiently perform daily work and media tasks. The configuration puts it head-to-head with our previous top-picks in the gaming category– Dell i7559-763BLK, ASUS K501UX and ASUS K501UW-AB78. All of these are at the very top of the category, and they do offer a significant increase in performance, and the latest ASUS ZX53VW adds variety into the entry-level gaming category.

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