B&O BeoSound 1 review

You wouldn’t expect Bang & Olufsen to follow the footsteps of its peers and make a normal-looking wireless speaker, would you?

This, after all, is the company responsible for the Dalek-like BeoLab 5 – which looks and sounds stunning at £15,500.

The Danish style kings have always thought out of the box when it comes to designing hi-fi, and the new B&O Beosound 1 speaker is no different.

Build and design

The Beosound 1 looks as if it belongs on the thick, glossy pages of a coffee table book. Or in the stylishly minimal interior of a software tycoon’s house.

You’ll either be enticed by its sleek, conical aluminium body, or wonder why it looks like a thermos (or a plunger-less Dalek).

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