Asus ROG G20CI review

The Asus ROG G20CI is a gaming PC that certainly stands out – but not because it looms over your desk. Instead, it has a compact chassis with some visually-arresting design flourishes. It also comes with a fine pedigree; Asus, and its Republic of Gamers brand, are held in high regard when it comes to gaming devices, be it graphics cards, peripherals or gaming desktops or laptops.

Many desktop gaming PCs are huge devices that dominate the desk, either to show off their powerful components or to provide enough room for adequate airflow to keep the components running cool.

The Asus ROG G20CI is not one of those machines. Instead, it comes in a compact design that’s around the size of the original Xbox One. This means it’s a viable gaming PC to have in your front room, but you’d expect this to come at a cost, in the financial sense and/or in terms of keeping things cool; the smaller the chassis, the harder the fans will have to work, which could lead to a nosier machine.

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