Aorus X5 v6 review

If you’re on the hunt for a gaming laptop with cutting-edge graphics that can be slipped into a backpack with room to spare, Aorus usually has you covered.

The sixth iteration of the company’s X5 continues tradition by upgrading to Nvidia’s latest GPU architecture under the hood without fattening up the chassis around it.

Some competing gaming laptops with Nvidia’s new Pascal-based GTX 10-series cards can’t lay claim to that.

The 15.6-inch X5 bears a closer similarity with the Aorus X5S, which came powered by a GTX 980M, than the preceding X5 that housed twin GTX 965M GPUs.

Driven by Nvidia’s new GTX 1070, the X5 v6 brings desktop-like levels of graphics grunt in a single GPU, leaving little need for Aorus to return to an SLI configuration.

If you’re interested in such a gaming goliath, then models including the XMG U727, the Razer Blade Pro and the decidedly less sensible Acer Predator 21 Xare three options wielding dual GPUs.

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