7 Smart Uses of Technology to Earn Some Extra Money

To say technology is constantly revolutionizing the way we live is not a mere understatement. The advancements and developments in the tech world are mind-blowing, extraordinary, and full of surprises. Undoubtedly, in today’s fast-paced world, technology has become more of an alternate lifestyle for many. It has given people voices, played a massive role in raising awareness, and helped businesses in attaining their potential targets.

Technological inventions have also primarily affected how people conduct business today. It has further introduced several new business ideas in the market. We all use technology in some way or other every day. Imagining a life without technological innovations seems next to impossible now, as it gives ordinary people a chance to earn extra cash without doing much.

If you are looking to achieve some extra money on the side, leveraging money and the internet is brilliant. Here we have mentioned some easy uses of technology which help in earning money.

1. Start an Online Shop

The e-business industry is booming. The convenience that online shopping provides to customers is undebatable. Today, more and more people worldwide prefer to shop online. And of course, as e-businesses rise, so will the number of buyers.

Selling online is relatively easy and hassle-free. All you need to do is start a professional website and develop brand trust. Take thorough notes of all orders placed, and make sure your service is prompt and efficient. You can start selling anything to everything online. These can range from clothes to other household items. An interesting example is Spirit Shack – a UK-based online business that sells ghost hunting equipment. The idea here is that the limit imposed on e-businesses is pretty comprehensive.

While having a website is the most efficient way to run an online business, it is not the only way. You can buy and sell products and services through social media as well. Many brands use direct messages and inboxes on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to take and place orders instead of a website.

2. Online Tutor

Thanks to the recent pandemic, online studies are more in demand than ever. More and more students are opting for virtual degrees rather than attending school/college in person. Becoming an online teacher/tutor is another convenient way to make a reasonable amount of money. The best part about becoming an online tutor is that you do not need a degree. Good teaching skills and a profound understanding of the courses you are willing to teach will do the job.

A significant advantage of teaching online is the massive cut in travel cost and time. You can deliver lectures from anywhere as long as you have a stable internet connection. You also have the web available just a click away at all times. Several studies stated that students enrolled in online programs achieve much better grades than those enrolled in traditional classes.

You can also acquire online tutoring as a full-time job. However, you have the liberty of choosing your timings to manage other tasks

3. Freelance Writing

Whether academic or professional, freelance writing is becoming very common amongst the younger generation—especially students. However, people of all ages are now creating valuable content for businesses, be it in the form of blog posts, videos, infographics, eBooks, etc. What’s important for writers is to figure out their niche. Once you have chosen a specialty, write up a few pieces and forward them to different companies as your writing portfolio.

The benefits of becoming a freelance writer are immense. Firstly, the pay is pretty decent, especially if you are doing it part-time. You do not need a degree in English or any other major to become a freelance writer. Since every business needs content, the demand for writers is incredibly high. Freelance writers also have the advantage of working under flexible hours. However, it doesn’t mean they do not need to meet deadlines. You are likely to work on a diverse range of projects, and you have the right to say ‘no’ to any assignment. Freelancing can also help strengthen your writing experience.

4. Social Media Manager

Social media is undoubtedly ruling the world. It is the first and last thing most people check in their everyday routine. More and more businesses are marking their social media presence and using it as an essential marketing strategy. Hence, social media managers are constantly rising in demand. A social media manager is responsible for handling all tasks from posting creative content to managing the company’s social media pages each day.

A social media manager’s job is pretty exciting and beneficial. They earn a handsome salary and can also work remotely. It means it’s an easily doable part-time job. However, social media managers do need to put effort into their work. The market is quite competitive, and staying at the top of their game is vital for every business.

Given the current technological innovation, one can safely say that social media is here to stay and would need more professionals to look after companies’ social media accounts.

5. Invest in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is the future, and no one can deny that. It refers to a virtual or digital currency that works as a medium of exchange. It means you can buy goods and services using cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is a very secure and suburbanized technology that has taken trading and investing to an entirely different level.

The idea is similar to investing in forex reserves. You can buy a cryptocurrency, and when the price increases, you can sell it. The returns are incredible as crypto offers high liquidity. It is an easily understandable and widely accepted investment. There are also no third parties involved ensuring that your money is yours alone in cryptocurrency.

6. Start Blogging

Bloggers are modern-day celebrities. They are highly influential individuals with a vast following. Thousands of people base their everyday decisions based on various bloggers’ reviews and recommendations.

Bloggers earn money through several sources, including affiliate sales, advertising, consultancy sessions, and marketing other brands. Once bloggers start getting enough reach on their blog, they can make big bucks. However, developing a blog and nurturing it to become an influential platform is time-consuming. It takes time for people to find out about your blog, for people to follow you, and for brands to finally start approaching you.

Generating high traffic and getting leads should be every bloggers’ primary focus. If you are keen on an idea and think you can work with it in the long-term as well, becoming a blogger might be an excellent option for you.

7. Fill out online surveys

Did you know you can make money by completing online surveys? Several sites pay you to answer surveys regarding different topics related to your purchase decisions, fashion sense, stance on the different cause, and other similar topics.

However, the pay is pretty minimal. It is not enough for a full-time job or even decent for part-time. But it can be a fun way to earn a few bucks in your spare time efficiently.


Technology is playing an integral role in shaping our lives and future. Making full use of all these incredible technological innovations is vital in this competitive world. Technology has created multiple profitable jobs for people looking to make extra money. However, you need to possess specific digital skills to leverage technology fully. These include having thorough knowledge about the platform and the job you wish to opt for. You also need to give the right amount of time to your job, even if it’s just a side hustle. We hope that the above ideas can help you pick the job that interests you the most.

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