TL3 Racing Simulator Has A 200-Degree Wraparound Display

We’ve seen numerous racing simulator setups that make playing Gran Turismo feel incredibly life-like. In order to get folks to invest in newer, better, and more expensive rigs, you’ll need to come up with a fresh angle, like the CXC Motion Pro II and its force-feedback steering mechanism that replicates real vehicles down to the fine details. In the case of the Motion Simulation TL3, that incentive comes in the form of the world’s first 200-degree, spherical projection screen that should enable more realistic visuals than you’ve ever experienced.

Billed as “the ultimate professional-level simulation solution,” it features a near-enclosed gaming pod to fully immerse you behind the wheel, whether you’re driving a Ferrari, a Veyron, or a tank you stole off a military base in Grand Theft Auto. With a breathtaking, wraparound display, it allows the faithful recreation of racing visuals down to things you can see out of your periphery, allowing for visual immersion like no other sim before it.

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