These Are the Ugliest Crossovers and SUVs of All Time

Forget the Pontiac Aztek—as if you could—there are plenty of other ugly SUVs out there.

Not only did Karl Benz invent the car, he invented the ugly car in the same effort. His 1885 Benz Patent-Motorwagen wasn’t exactly a looker, as it resembled a bicycle-tired kitchen chair. But you’ve got to start somewhere (we’re talking, of course, about ugly vehicles, not cars in general). It would be many decades after the world was put on wheels for SUVs to appear, though not long after that ugliness caught up with that vehicle format, too. Pretty much everyone is (or should be) in agreement that Pontiac’s Aztek, produced from 2001-2005, is the most repulsive of the breed. Nearly 20 years later, the misshapen crossover, with its narrow hips and insectilian face, remains the butt of jokes and the scapegoat for the death of the Pontiac brand.

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