The 5 Most Impressive New Cars I Drove In 2016

I’m fortunate in that I have the opportunity to drive almost every new car that makes it to the market in any given calendar year. With roughly 100 steering wheels passing through my hands over that period of time, you might be surprised to learn that very few cars, trucks, or SUVs make it onto my ‘naughty’ list – that is to say, automobiles have become so universally competent that it’s fairly difficult to buy one that’s objectively ‘bad’ in any meaningful way.

This same state of affairs also means it difficult for a vehicle to rise above the rest of the pack and really stand out. Each year, however, there are a few special models that stick in my mind, cars or trucks that I wish I’d spent just a few more days, laps, or miles with.

Here are the ones that got away – the 5 most impressive new cars that I drove in 2016.

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