Tesla Model S 100D review: London to Scotland and back in the reigning EV king

Having been with us for almost six years, the electric Tesla Model S has quickly shifted from rare, exotic spaceship of the future to a common sight on British roads – especially in and around London where chargers are plentiful and the £64,700-to-£133,500 price tag is somehow more palatable.

But what happens if you want to stretch the Tesla’s legs a bit? The company claims its Model S 100D has a range of over 390 miles and that, paired with an ever-expanding network of its Supercharger charging stations, makes it suitable to go anywhere.

To put this to the test, we borrowed a 100D and set off from London in search of the electric car-maker’s most northern Supercharger, in the Scottish ski resort of Aviemore, some 550 miles away. Here’s how we got on…

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