Porsche 718 Boxster first drive review : 20 years on, it’s still boxing clever

Can you believe the Porsche Boxster is 20 years old? No, we can’t either. But back when the Spice Girls were miming Wannabe on Top of the Pops and kids were losing their minds over games of POGs, the Boxster was waiting in the wings, preparing itself to utterly dominate the sports car market and make Porsche a big wad of cash in the process.

Today, the mid-engined two-seater is still regarded as the benchmark roadster, a car that all other cars want to be like. A machine that rival engineers revere due to its seemingly unending levels of grip and grin-inducing performance that somehow manages to remain attainable if not completely affordable.

Porsche 718 Boxster first drive: 20 years on, it's still boxing clever - photo 12

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