New Ford Mondeo vs used BMW 3 Series: which is best?

You’re after an executive car but you have a difficult choice – do you buy a new one that’s extremely practical or a used one with a premium badge?

When buying a new car, a moment’s hesitation can turn into a serious dilemma.

For example, you’re just about to sign on the dotted line for a brand-new Ford Mondeo, one of the most popular and capacious of all executive cars, when word reaches you that for the same price you could buy a barely used BMW 3 Series, the car that has been so consistently ahead of its field that it’s actually come to define the class.

Both cars do a similar job of dismissing motorway journeys with ease, as well as handling impractical loads and unknown roads with disdain, and both have deeply impressive on-paper economy, but which one makes more sense for you – the wonderfully spacious Ford or the temptingly classy BMW?

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