New Fiat 500 vs used Mini Cooper: which is best?

Looking for a small, fashionable car? Should you pick something new, or, for the same money, something vintage on the used market?

Fashion may come and go, but retro seems to have served the Mini and Fiat 500 well. You get to drive around in a car that looks like something from the past, yet it has all the luxuries of a modern car. If you’re in the market for something a bit more stylish than a small, mainstream vehicle, then these two could be exactly what you are looking for.

But which of the two is best? Do you go for a new Fiat 500? A car that comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty, new car smell, and no previous owners. Or, do you go for something a little older with some miles under its belt for the same money? You’d be saving money over a new car, but would it be reliable enough, and do those additional miles mean that it’ll need expensive repairs soon? There’s a lot to consider.

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