New Audi Q2 vs used Audi Q3: which is best?

Audi is keen for buyers to see the latest Q2 as a premium small SUV, but how does it fare against a used Q3 for the same money?

Just because something is smaller doesn’t mean it has to be any less of a premium product. After all, most of us drive around with the majority of our car’s seats unoccupied, so why should we put up with a hulking great vehicle just for the sake of some nicer interior plastics and a snazzier infotainment system?

Take the Audi Q2. It’s the latest small SUV from Ingolstadt and it comes with funky detailing on the outside, a sporty-looking interior and lots of scope for customisation. The Q2 appeals to the younger buyer who doesn’t want a humble family car and is looking for something with a desirable image.

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