Mini Cooper S Hatch review: Small in stature, big in personality

Mini has refreshed the Hatch, the 3-door model that most closely resembles the British classic, loading the 2018 model with more tech, more premium features and a dab more iconic design compared to the theĀ 2014 version.

From the exterior, the Hatch otherwise hasn’t changed a huge amount. This new version is a facelift, a nip and tuck rather than a dramatic rethinking. BMW (Mini’s parent company) finds itself in a fortunate position of having a now iconic interpretation of a classic (a rare thing indeed), where preservation is as important as progression.

The first thing you’ll spot is the taillights: LED rears arranged to look like the Union Flag (standard in the UK, optional elsewhere). It might stir patriotic passion in your breast, it might just put a smile on your face, but it symbolises something that Mini has been very good at doing: being big on personality.

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