Tribit XSound Go review: Portable sound but a little thin on bass

Overall the sound is nicely balanced, and the bass is decent. If you like big, punchy bass you will probably need a bigger speaker.

Most of us carry at least a portion of our music library around with us every day on our phones. Sure our phones are amazing devices, but the speakersthat come standard are best used when there is no other option. So we have all this music on a device with terrible speakers, now what? Well, we need a portable speaker on which to play it all. That is where the Tribit XSound Go wireless speaker comes in. While wireless Bluetooth connectivity, a waterproof case, and other features are great to have, sound is the most important aspect of a speaker. So how does the XSound Go fare when it comes to sound? Read on for the full review of the Tribit XSound Go.

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