Meet NVIDIA Xavier: A new brain for self-driving, AI, and AR cars

NVIDIA isn’t letting up on its goal of being at the heart of as many driverless cars as possible and it’s NVIDIA Xavier, its newest autonomous machine processor, it plans to do that with. Unveiled at CES 2018 today, Xavier is the world’s most powerful System-on-Chip (SoC), so NVIDIA claims, and comes at the tail-end of $2bn in R&D by the company.

It’s not, of course, NVIDIA‘s first ride in this particular self-driving rodeo. The company has already been working with automakers and researchers on autonomous AI, most recently with the NVIDIA DRIVE PX2.

Xavier, though, will be fifteen times more energy efficient than the previous-generation SoC used in the DRIVE PX2 platform. With upward of nine billion transistors, NVIDIA is arguing it’s two years ahead of anything its competitors are doing in terms of performance. A next-gen chip gets a next-gen platform, too.

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