Lamborghini Terzo Millennio: The raging bull goes electric

Blasphemy. That’s what some would call it: the so-called purists, asked to consider an electric super sports car with the Lamborghini badge. And yet, at a time when EVs are drag-racing gas powered exotica and winning, and when “eco” absolutely need not be a synonym for “dull,” perhaps it’s time for a more open mind. Meet the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio, the Lamborghini for the third millennium.

Two years ago, Automobili Lamborghini inked a deal with two labs at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). If a thoroughly modern supercar sporting the raging bull was to be electrified, so the justification went, then it would need to be a thoroughly modern sort of electrification.

“We had several discussions inside out company about what would be the future of the super sport car,” Maurizio Reggiani, CTO at Lamborghini, explained today. “It must be related to the capacity of what can make that emotion. Sooner or later electric vehicles would be part of the future of this super sport car.”

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