Kayo MR125 Review

Motorcycling is a lot like any other sport: to stay sharp with your skills, you actually have to go out there and practice. However, unlike many other sports, keeping your skills sharp on two wheels isn’t as easy as simply grabbing a stick or a ball and heading to the nearest court or field. In the case of track riding, taking your sportbike to the track presents a whole host of challenges.

First, there’s the money: a typical trackday will easily set you back a C-note or two (or three) – and that’s just to register; don’t forget about the costs for tires, fuel (for both your bike and your transport vehicle), food, and potentially hotels if you’re riding far away. Then, of course, there’s time. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who lives near a racetrack, the rest of us have to travel several hours to get to the track. Of course, this list of costs is assuming nothing happens to you or your bike during your trackday. The damage to your wallet goes up exponentially at that point.

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