Honda Mobilio CVT Review

Imagine having a long time crush. For years, you and the object of your admiration have been in contact on and off. You know there’s something there, but it was never the right time for the both of you. Because of that, there’s not much beyond the smiling in the hallways or the occasional hi and hello. Then suddenly, after some years, in the style of When Harry Met Sally, you find yourselves crossing paths again. This time, someone said, “Hey, you know, I’ve always wanted to ask you out”. After going on a few dates, you realize that during all the time you’ve looked from afar at this person, you’ve built up an image of them that they themselves cannot live up to. Even after the years of anticipation, this one is just not all they were cracked up to be.

Having time in the Honda Mobilio RS Navi CVT is a similar experience.

For a long time, the desire to be behind the wheel of an RS straight out of the factory was left unfulfilled. During that period, articles were read, videos watched, and pictures downloaded, hoping for the opportunity to one day get behind the wheel of a road going version of a race car. However, when the time came to get behind the wheel of an RS and taste the racing heritage imbued in that automobile, the realization that the sporty image is nothing more than a ruse to get your butt on the seat instantly dawned.

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