Ford F-150 debuts B&O Unleashed’s 18-speaker system

Last week, Ford announced one of its most notable newest vehicles, the 2021 F-150 pickup. The first in its series to offer a full hybrid option, the truck boasts of the latest in automotive and manufacturing technologies. It turns out, there was one innovation that was not so silently sitting inside that didn’t get much traction. Now partner HARMAN is making sure everyone hears, figuratively and literally, about the 18 Bang & Olufsen speakers that you can deck your hybrid pickups with.

Some might think that an audio system is probably one of the least important considerations in a car but the smarter they become, they more comfortable drivers and passengers will want to be. Infotainment systems are also becoming more sophisticated and the audio experience they offer is starting to become an important item on buyer’s checklists.

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