First Ride Review : 2017 Kawasaki Z125 Pro

Having a blast on the 2017 Kawasaki Z125 Pro

Thanks to the open-faced helmet, we can see how much fun Ari’s having on the new Z125 Pro.

The ability to attract new riders is one of the reasons I get really excited when I see a bike like Kawasaki’s new Z125 Pro. Another reason I get excited is because I know that riding small bikes is a blast, and brings you right back to being a kid when the simple joy of twisting the throttle was enough to put butterflies in your stomach. (See idiotic grin, above.)

The Z125 Pro delivers fun in spades. The bike is light and super easy to handle, sports sharp styling and awesome features, and has a high-revving single-cylinder engine that just begs to be flogged.

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