Cadillac CT6 Super Cruise Review

The 145-mile jaunt between Flagstaff, Arizona, and Phoenix is almost entirely downhill. With a drop of approximately 5,800 feet between the two cities, the road that joins them — Interstate 17 — has multiple warnings about saving your brakes (meant mostly for big rigs) and is peppered with sharper twists and turns than your typical highway. Yet, while I was behind the wheel, I did almost nothing for the entire drive thanks to Cadillac’s new Super Cruise feature on the 2018 CT6.


Super Cruise is Cadillac’s answer to semi-autonomous features from BMW, Mercedes and of course, Tesla’s Autopilot. But unlike those systems where you’re chastised by the car within moments of removing your mitts from the wheel until you return them, Super Cruise is totally hands-free.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the car and Super Cruise, let’s talk about the steering wheel with a built-in light. I’ll admit when Cadillac announced its semi-autonomous feature and showed off the light-infused steering wheel, I rolled my eyes. It seemed gimmicky and more importantly, ugly.

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