Battle Of The 125cc Ankle Biters – Part 1

You can thank Honda for reigniting the mini bike craze with the release of the Honda Grom back in 2014. The little 125cc runabout is a refreshing throwback to the days you could grab your board, ride out to the ocean, hit the waves, then jet around town in search of the best carne asada burrito – while maybe sneaking into a skate park for a quick blast. In short, the Grom inspires fun rides at a slower pace.


Now, with the success of the Grom, other manufacturers have kicked into action; Kawasaki was next to enter the little bike arms race with its Z125 Pro, and now we have two more entrants in the form of the Kymco K-Pipe 125 and SSR Motorsports Razkull 125. All three bikes follow the same basic theme of the Grom, with their small dimensions and low-tech, air-cooled single-cylinder engines providing minimal barriers to enter the sport of motorcycling.

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