Audi A8 (2017) review: The most tech-packed car to ever hit the road

Step into the brand new Audi A8 and it’s impossible not to be impressed. This car is like a first class suite on wheels, with such an abundance of tech on offer that it’s hard not to play with every touchscreen and option for the sheer thrill of what’s possible.

But while Audi is adamant that the A8’s exterior design represents a huge shift for the brand, to our eyes it’s visually much the same as Audi’s current saloon lineup. It’s got that quintessential ‘Audi look’, which some would call bland, others elegant.

Whichever side of the design fence you stand, it’s this car’s systems that bedazzle. From level three autonomous driving – which we’ve previously tested on the road in Germany – to self-parking via the press of a smartphone app button, the A8 certainly has its eyes on accelerating us into the future – but in the here and now.

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