Audi A8 (2017) preview: The sophisticated chauffeur

The Audi A8 has long been considered as chauffeur to the stars; a cushy place to sit in luxury when being carted around. In its 2017 guise, the new A8 elevates that concept to new heights, not only for passengers but driver too.

For the 2017 Audi A8 is the company’s next big footstep in autonomous driving, delivering what the German brand describes as level three Audi AI – providing the ability to take your hands off the wheel and pedals and let the car drive you. Now the driver becomes chauffeured in safety and comfort, thanks to a huge array of sensors and applied algorithms.

The A8 is a huge deal for not only Audi, but for luxury motoring as a whole. Not just in its Tesla-chasing ways, but in its full-on attack on redesigning its integrated technology.

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