Abarth 595 Old v New Comparison : 1970 v 2017

When it came time for us to add another car to the CarAdvice collection, we realised there was a giant hole – it was one that had to be filled by an Italian car.

Ferrari or Lamborghini weren’t the most practical options, so last year we welcomed a red (pre-facelift) 2017 Abarth 595 to our family – a Fiat 500 with extra horsepower and badging, which is something that’s needed for us car people to get around the city swiftly.

A quick history lesson: even though Fiat bought Abarth in 1971, these cars are not called a Fiat. Abarth is a racing car company founded by Carlo Abarth, and once produced and sold performance parts for Fiat, Lancia, Cisitalia, Porsche and Simca, with the famous scorpion badge proudly emblazoned only on Fiats now. These cars often raced alongside Porsche 904s and Ferrari Dinos.

By the first year of production for the Abarth 595, it won 900 races and broke six international records.

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