2020 Lotus Evora GT First Drive: More Cars Like This, Please

The round, solid-aluminum shift knob adopts the temperature of the air around it, and on that bright, frigid Michigan morning, the air was cold. My contact with the gear knob was brief, thanks to the short throws of the six-speed manual shifter. Slotting the stubby gear lever into each gate is like chambering a round in a bolt-action rifle – a crisp, precise, and purely mechanical sensation.

Crisp, precise, and purely mechanical is a perfect description of the 2020 Lotus Evora GT. This is not a car for faint-hearted drivers shopping for a status symbol – a Richard Gere in Pretty Woman, for example – but a vehicle tailored to driving enthusiasts. At the same time, questionable sanity isn’t a prerequisite for Evora GT ownership. This car is as livable as it is engaging, somehow blending striking ride comfort with a track-ready character in a way few cars can match.

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